Rapid Stock

A complete inventory management software system for Rapid Image customers

Rapid Image’s inventory management system was especially developed for the needs of clinics and medical centers. On one hand, the system is easy to use and does not require extensive training, and on the other hand, it is powerful and includes advanced abilities such as multiple warehouses and multiple-branch inventory management.

Some of the features of our superior inventory management software:

  • Central inventory management system
  • Transfer of inventory between branches/warehouses
  • Entry of branch’s requirements
  • Connection of suppliers to the branches
  • Tracking inventory
  • Usage history
  • Supplier reports
  • Price quotations
  • Orders
  • Price lists and tools for comparing suppliers
  • Catalog of items divided into categories
  • Pictures of products
  • Links to suppliers
  • Support for using items based on serial numbers (such as implants)
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