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Rapid Image - the partner that allows
your business to grow – to wherever you want it to!

The leading management software company
for Medical Centers, Clinics in various fields, Gyms,
Treatment Centers, Beauty and Esthetic Centers.

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About us

Our products provide a complete, well adapted solution for the different requirements of different fields of medicine,
among them: GPs, surgeons, plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, dentistry, veterinary, homeopathy, and others.

  • The advantages of our flagship software for managing Medical Centers

    The advantages of our flagship software for managing Medical Centers
  • The advantages of our software for managing Dental clinics

    The advantages of our software for managing  Dental clinics
  • The advantages of our software for managing Veterinary Clinic

    The advantages of our software for managing Veterinary Clinic
The software is not restricted to the medical market only, and is used also in Health Spas, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Physiotherapy Institutes, Cosmeticians and many other markets.
  • Our clients talk about us

    We have been working with the Rapid systems for 15 years already. We started with one computer, one workstation, and have grown to 11 branches, with hundreds of users. Rapid have been our partners all along the way, for developments, ideas and putting them all into practice. The solutions are complete solutions, starting with servers that can be accessed from outside the office, through the Cloud, through Billing systems (standing orders), multiple diaries, customer system, accounting and more. The bottom line is a complete and perfect system for both small and large businesses.

    Ido Sela – Director, “Water World”
  • Our clients talk about us

    Sometimes success has partners that no-one sees …
    Rapid understands management. They understand that in order to run things efficiently, a manager needs a system that will give him the ability to see all the important parameters from the ‘cockpit’, in order to take the correct decisions.
    Rapid understands operations. They understand that in order to run a company – be it big or small – that creates treatments, everything must run smoothly and efficiently, without breakdowns, and that all the components can talk to each other, quickly and in harmony.
    Rapid understands people. They understand that despite the complex technology, the system is built for people, intuitive in an environment of people, easy to use and user-friendly for people who are not engineers.
    Rapid is a full partner in Naturapil’s success, with each new development and improvement, from the idea stage, through brainstorming, their people are experts at getting out ideas that are going round in your head, people who find solutions.

    Ben Or Rabin, CEO, Naturapil
  • Our clients talk about us

    The many years of contact between us – The “Enaim Group” and Rapid Image have come to fruitition and allow us to fulfill our dreams – complete cooperation between the development teams and us – the clients – have allowed us to move forward and create a better working environment, that is adapted perfectly to our needs.
    The project to create a computerized patient file came into being after years of dreaming, through cooperative work on specifications, ways of thinking, guidance and assimilation, with mutual enlightenment, improvement in working processes and continuous streamlining of the system.
    We are proud to be part of your success!

    Galit Avraham, Branch Manager “Enaim Group” Tel Aviv
רפיד אימג'