Rapid Pro

Our flagship software for managing medical centers

Only once you have seen our software can you begin to understand how one software management product can have so many abilities – starting with managing a single unit and up to a network with dozens of branches.

Set up a meeting today with one of our consultants and discover an entire world of capabilities of management, marketing, sales promotion, treatment registration, course management, workshops and club management, and lots more. You need to see this to believe it.

Our management software is not limited to the medical market. It is in use also by spas, gyms, swimming pools, physiotherapy practices, cosmeticians and many additional markets. In our experience, due to its great flexibility and its ability to be adapted to personal needs, the software can be used for just about any purpose.

This is the only software in the field that includes a flexible visitation form which can be defined by the needs of the clinic or the caregivers, according to their needs, and is suitable for all fields.

Characteristics of the software for managing medical centers

Technological Superiority

The RapidMed Pro management system is very innovative, and was designed on the basis of our company’s vast experience in the field. The best software developers, systems analysts, medical advisors, accountants and graphic artists took part in its development, and together with our support and training teams that are attentive to the customers’ needs, we can supply the perfect solution for the customers.

The software is based on Microsoft’s SQL Server database, and is compatible with the 2008 and 2012 versions. This allows for the continuous growth of your business, without any fear of the program slowing down.

Flexible Appointments Diary

You could write an entire site just about the diary and the appointment scheduling system. Beyond the basic abilities such as setting up meetings, synchronization with Outlook and the Google calendar, it can also be linked to treatments including reserving time and setting prices, resource management, managing reminders and sending them via SMS, with the possibility of receiving visual feedback in real time or VMS, as well as via e-mail. The appointments calendar can be combined with a primary and secondary diary, so that appointments can be set with the doctor / therapist and concurrently decide which treatment or meeting room will be used. Each session can be changed to a recurring meeting or a group meeting, and this can all be done at the option of the user.

In addition the diary can generate reports, manage waiting lists, notes, restrictions, working hours and more. Using the stations module, you can also set definitions for each customer who comes to the clinic, setting the stations/stages he must go through. At any given moment, employee at the clinic can see the list of patients waiting for him, information about them and how long their waiting time is expected to be. The employees can also change the sequence of stations, so that, for instance, if a doctor gets an X-ray which is not clear, it can return the patient to the imaging station.

The module allows the manager to monitor and locate gridlocks in real-time, and to control them, through changing priorities and the order of the stations. The diary can also manage physicians / therapists working at a number of branches and regulate them according to the treatment rooms that are available.

In addition to all the above capabilities, customers of the clinic or medical center can be allowed to set their own appointments through an “Internet” calendar where by use of a username and password they can set appointments by themselves in accordance with predetermined settings and only at free times.

Independent Management Ability

Unlike other systems that require involvement by the software house in order to set up branches, diaries and even employees, the Rapid Pro management software allows you to manage your various entities by yourself, including: branches, departments, employees, physicians, resources, financial indexes, price lists and banks. Support for irregular shifts / part-time doctors.

Managing Customer Centers / Call centers

After many years of experience in solutions for managing call centers for scheduling appointments and sales, plus service and a combination of both, we have learned to provide intelligent tools for managing call centers that provide solutions for your customers.

Lead Management System – the system’s Leads Management Module allows the automatic registry of leads from a multitude of sources and without human intervention. Leads can be uploaded from Excel files, CSV files, or by a process that samples a mailbox, processes “Lead Messages” and extracts the relevant information from them.

The system is flexible and modular, and allows independent definition of the structure of Excel and CSV files. For example, it can be set up where the first name is in column A and telephone in column D. The system enables efficient and fast handling of incoming leads, and enables a more rapid response than the competition. All new leads are authenticated with the existing customer base, and in the event that it matches an existing customer, the system automatically connects the lead to the customer.

You can conduct follow-ups and communication at the lead level, before turning the lead into a client on the system. The management system has advanced capabilities to distribute leads among the agents. At the basic level, the system enables manual or random assignment of the leads, and at the advanced level, it enables shift assignments that automatically assign the leads only to agents that are on duty at that time, while distributing the load between them.

Each lead has a number of parameters at indicate its status: medical care status, future activities (follow-up / meeting) and the number of calls made to it.

In addition, the module enables SMS message sending to the leads, whether they are interested in receiving promotional messages, or just to let them know we tried to contact them without success and we will be pleased if they return our call. The system has a built-in ability to manage a black-list – phone numbers associated with entities that we do not want to put into the database. The leads will be registered and immediately labeled as a lead on the blacklist (similar spam messages on e-mail). The system enables a variety of samplings for managing the leads database and for the purpose of settling accounts with lead providers.

Interfaces for Telephony – The system has a CTI interface to connect with Asterisk and Panasonic based phone systems. Immediately upon receiving a call, a representative sees a popup window with the customer’s information, a list of his future appointments and details of his latest treatments. In the event that the phone number belongs to a number of clients (e.g. a family’s home phone) a window is opened for each family member.

In addition, the system enables sending calls by pressing a button.

Display screens – the system includes an option to connect a display screen, which shows the performance of branches and call centers in real time. The system can display a hierarchy of call center representatives according to each of the standard parameters (customers received, the percentage of bookings, the percentage of arrivals, etc.).

In addition, the system can display a hierarchy of branches, according to data of closings, income and so on.

For maximum impact, we recommend the use of 42″ screens and above to display the data at call centers.


The only system in the field that includes the ability to work on a cash basis or on accrual. You can work with a different base at each branch.

  • Invoice issuing with multiple items
  • Linking receipt with quotation
  • Support for external funding – HMOs, insurance companies, etc.
  • Support for health fund commitment forms (Tofes 17).
  • Data Export to WizSoft “Hashavshevet” DOS and Windows versions
  • Data Export to SAP
  • Data Export to “Priority”
  • Deposits
  • Range of accounting reports
  • Monthly reports to the tax authorities
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Customer Balance List
  • Data reporting to health funds.
  • Link to EasyCard system for credit cards processing.
  • Unlimited number of price lists
  • Additional system for calculating wages of doctors and therapists (separate module enables defining wage agreements with doctors and therapists)

Archive of Documents and Images

We understand that in the practice of modern medicine, the doctor cannot be satisfied with only textual documentation of a visit, and he is assisted in his work by numerous other media. Therefore, we enable medical files to also include image files, video clips and documents. For example, we enable including in the file medical records in .pdf format that were obtained from a laboratory, containing answers to tests which the client was referred to, or alternatively a MS Word file containing a letter with a referral from another physician.

The software includes a direct connection to the scanner (any TWAIN-compliant scanner) and can scan directly into the case-file documents, letters, photographs and X-rays. Also, you can import photographs from any digital camera, CD or e-mail.

The management software includes advanced tools for image processing, enlargement and measuring distances. The software enables creating PowerPoint presentations from archival photographs by the push of a button, and even to combine voice recordings and attach them to an image. The archive allows the photographs to be filed according to keywords, area photographed and date of photography, and allows for sampling of this information for research and marketing. As part of the archive, the ability to upload video clips is also included, such as a record of surgical operations directly from a video camera or any other video source, or from a file.

Medical File / Treatment Programs

The RapidMed Pro management system is the most versatile and comprehensive medical record management in Israel and abroad. The system includes the perfect solution for many fields, including general medicine, aesthetic surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry and more.

Important! The software is not limited to the medical market. The software is used by spas, gyms, pools, physiotherapy clinics, cosmetologists and many other markets. In our experience, due to its great flexibility and ability to be adapted to personal needs, you can use the software for most any purpose.

Visits Management System

The system includes a built-in visit form module, which lets you configure a personalized visit form for every doctor, according to a documentation template requested by them. For each form the doctor can define different kinds of fields – free text, yes/no, and smart fields such as the BMI index. For each field a bank of fixed values can be set, to enable a quick, efficient and complete record of the visit to be filled out. At the field level, the doctor can decide whether the field should automatically show the value from the previous visit (e.g. a primary complaint). You can set a variety of document templates that will be used for printing visit forms, including full control over which fields will be included in the print job and which will not. Each visit is added as a line to the medical file, and you can define in advance which fields will be displayed in the preview of the visit form, without the need to actually open the form.

Management Software for an Opthamology clinics and Refractive Surgery clinics – The Opthamology EMR software from Rapid Image, developed in collaboration with and on the basis of knowledge from our clients who are leaders in this field, including the “Enaim” group.

The suite includes a complete solution for all the steps in the process:

  • Photograph and related document file management – including device identification and data acquisition from them
  • Optometrist’s examination form
  • Doctor’s examination form

Management Software for Laser Hair Removal Institutes

Our company has extensive experience in computerizing cosmeticians and the leading aesthetic medicine centers in Israel. Based on this experience, a dedicated module for this area was developed that includes an impressive graphical diagram that allows for intuitive selection of the treatment area. For each area you can set the level of hairiness, hair color, the technologically appropriate device, quantity of pulses, wavelength and other parameters.

The module is flexible in that it allows for various methods of sale, including:

  • Single treatment of a single region or of multiple regions;
  • Unlimited Treatments packages for a single region or multiple regions;
  • Series of treatments for a single region or multiple regions;
  • 1 + 1 deals, or any other combination.

Test treatments can be performed with or without charge to the customer. The module allows for selling additional items at the time of sale, such as additional treatments, creams, and to integrate them into the price quote.

Aesthetics Center Management Software

The module enables mapping areas on the body or the face, in order to identify points of injection, skin lesions, etc. For each area a description can be noted, free text diagnosis can be entered, and photographs of the area before and after treatment.

The module is in used by leading dermatologists in Israel.

General Surgery Management Software

The system includes a complete module for managing operating rooms and surgical treatments, starting with making the appointment, obtaining the necessary documents and medical records, stages of the actual surgery, and creation of the discharge letter.

  • Producing reports according to the ICD9 codes of the Ministry of Health
  • Computerized patient intake form – patient information, details of the surgery, details of the patient’s escort, financial arrangements, medical checklist, administrative checklist;
  • Managing the settling of accounts with HMOs, insurance companies and financing bodies in general;
  • Form 17 management – including validity, deposits etc.
  • Patient preparation form;
  • Anesthesiologist’s form;
  • Full documentation of the surgery’s process
  • Surgery report
  • Recovery follow-up
  • Creation of the discharge letter
  • The system includes specific reference to the field of eye surgery – follow-up on the drops, lenses, etc.
  • Plastic Surgery: For those involved in plastic surgery, the system includes many tools for computerized management of the entire course of treatment;
  • Surgery summary form, including diagnoses, team, location of the surgery, type of surgery and in the case of breast augmentation surgeries – details of the implants used;
  • Examination and referral form for hospitalization, including general physical examination and laboratory tests, and specific reference to rhinoplasty, breast surgery, face surgery, and ears.

Dental Surgery Management System

Dedicated medical records file for Dentistry. Advanced graphical interface design for planning treatment plans, which combines a dental chart and graphic display, together with planning the stages of the treatment. An unlimited number of client programs. Photographic archive as an integral part of the portfolio and the treatment plan.

Designated Medical forms for specific areas: orthodontics, endodontics, oral rehabilitation, follow-up of implants, teeth whitening and periodontics.

OB/GYN Clinic Management Software

The software includes a complete solution for the OB/GYN field. The module includes general examinations, diagnosis, clinical evaluation and treatment plan. General physical examinations, fertility tests and pre-natal care.

Cardiology Clinic Management System

The system contains an integrated dedicated cardiology module that enables shortening consultation sessions while achieving maximum documentation. The module allows documentation of: Cardiac Background; Symptoms; Additional tests; Diseases; Laboratory test results; Meds; Allergies; Tests; Physical examination; EKG; General impression; Recommendations; Angiography; Angioplasty.

Blood vessel tests: The system includes a dedicated medical record for blood vessel tests developed by the most senior surgeons in Israel. The tests included in the module: Lower extremity artery examination using Doppler; Renal arteries Doppler examination; carotid duplex examination; Lower extremity venous system examination.

Rapid Pro Interfaces With:

  • EasyCard credit card clearing system
  • RapidStock Inventory Management System
  • EasyTime Manpower Management System
  • RapidPayroll Salary Management System
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Open Office
  • Digital cameras
  • TWAIN-compliant scanners
  • Digital sensors – supports all popular x-ray software
  • Dental Master Imaging System from Miracle Software
  • SMS messaging to customers using pre-formed appointment reminders, greetings, special offers and other posts.
  • VMS – computerized voice message direct to customers’ phones with a visual indicator for clients who have confirmed their appointments.
  • Interface for mobile phones (iPhone & Android) using Google’s Calendar Sync.
  • Internet calendars – Give your customers the ability to set their own appointments through a unique internet based appointment setting option – Call our sales department for additional information.
  • Digital signing system that allows patients to sign forms and declarations with automatic filing into the patient’s file (saving the need to file agreements for treatments, declarations and other agreements).

Compatibility and Connectivity

Our management software works across all Windows environments and on all types of networks. In addition, the software enables remote logins using a variety of available technologies and at lower cost. You can access your data from outside the clinic by synchronizing data with handheld devices (compatible with all smartphones) and also to connect on-line through the clinic.

The backup system connected to our remote site will allow you to sleep in peace, knowing that an automatic backup is running, and the seven latest backups are retained.

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