Telephony System

Cloud-based telephony system, quickly installed and easy to operate with a powerful management interface that enables receiving complete information, and simple and fast integration with the RAPID ONE cloud management software

Easy to install with simple integration in the organization

The PBX solution allows for immediate deployment on a large number of sites, including workers in the field. You can connect most of the existing types of phones in the business to the PBX without increasing expenses.

Advanced reports that enable measurement and management

By means of a simple user interface adapted to a smartphone or tablet, you can track sales performance or the quality of your service. Real-time tools for control and management, or reports for performance analysis that enable continuous improvement.

Using management tools, you can really understand why calls are not answered, whether there is a problem with the service and what it is. For example, who the most effective salesman is, and easily calculate returns on investment.

Simple integration with customer management systems (CRM) and screen popping to the representative.

The PBX is connected to the Rapid One management software, which allows you to pop up a screen with the customer's identification and / or the lead in an incoming call, associate an unidentified phone with an existing customer or establish a new customer, remove a call from the software, documenting the details of an incoming / outgoing call in the customer file, including a recording of the call, and Hold tight - automatically generate leads for abandoned calls.

System Characteristics

Caller ID on every regular extension, IP / caller’s number displayed on the extension screen. Handling calls according to identification, including call blocking. Flexible sending of extension ID.


Turn a call into a conference call by hosting up to five people on the same active call.

Control and reporting including automated CRM lead generation for abandoned calls

Set personally adapted schedules to confirm exactly when each of your phone numbers is available for calls.

Record, upload or write the script for a custom message to greet callers when you are unavailable.

Redirect each call directly to the appropriate team members by customizing distribution and ringing rules.

Set up a smart directory that automatically directs callers to the right team on their first try.

Assign each team member a custom three-digit extension number that colleagues can dial quickly.

Block spam numbers and bots so you can focus more on the important calls to your business. Blacklist for outgoing calls – a dedicated call center tool that prevents the call center from calling destinations that have asked not to receive calls.

Find all your numbers and your users in one place, even if they are all over the world.

Based on time and number of times dialed to destination numbers (20*).

A wide range of telephones from different manufacturers can be connected to the system with the SIP protocol, including Wi-Fi telephones.

A system that checks whether the caller is human, to prevent calls from automatic dialers.

Includes complete settings, call recordings and voice mailboxes on a private / public cloud.

On an ID number that allows immediate access to the company’s departments, including an ODBC connection option.

IVR system with 100 to 1,000 speech channels for responses to surveys / campaigns, with high availability. Routing system based on alternative infrastructures (landline / cellular) in the event of a power failure.

Call Center Features

Change system settings at any time, including adding new numbers or users, with one click.

Give incoming callers the option of staying on hold until one of your team members is available to answer.

Playing music and / or jingles while on hold according to the number (FXO) called. You can save sound files in the system and play them according to the time of day, or by days and holidays.

Routing calls to teams categorized by location, language, skill or any other feature desired.

Put your current call on hold and start a separate conversation with a third party at the same time.

Receive or start as many calls as you want, simultaneously, on the same phone number.

Give callers the option of saving waiting time and get your call back at a later time.

Schedule staff and / or individual work hours, in order to ensure that calls are routed only to available employees.

Routing calls to team members classified by shared skills.

Review the call recordings to help confirm details, monitor quality, and train new representatives.

Analytical Analysis

Keep track of KPI dashboards, such as standby time, missed call rate, volume of calls, and more.

Achieve a real-time perspective on team activity so that you can move resources and optimize productivity.

Accelerate employee training and increase quality control by real-time call monitoring.

Talk secretly with a team member while they are on an active conversation, so that you can provide real-time advice.

Display reports on all outgoing and incoming calls, by lists and graphically, including exports to Excel.

Automatic notification to a system manager concerning an abandoned call on the system (IVR, queue, or ringing group).

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