Rapid Vet in the Cloud

Rapid Vet in the Cloud – Veterinary Software

The leading and most advanced software for Veterinary Clinic management

The leading and most advanced software for Veterinary Clinic management in Israel – now in the Cloud!

After lengthy research and development, in 2016 Rapid Image launched the most advanced software in the cloud for veterinary clinic management, based on more than 10 years of experience in the veterinary field.

Our business card is made up of our large and faithful customer base who were full partners in the development of this product.

We have the ability to carry out the best possible conversion from any product, including from RapidVet’s desktop version.

Features of the Veterinary Clinic Management Software

Technological Superiority

  • A true cloud-based system – based on the Google Cloud platform, including backup servers and overload management

Rapid Vet – Veterinary Software

  • Access from any place – computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • The best possible conversion from any Veterinary software on the market, including RapidVet
  • Support for groups of clinics – single user for all the clinics, concentration of settings and pricelists
  • Sophisticated permissions system and change tracking
  • Easy to use and flexible treatment file, enabling easy and rapid complete tracking of the animal’s state of health
  • Built-in inventory system – orders from suppliers, registration of new inventory, removal from inventory, stock-taking and reports
  • Synching diaries to mobile phones, using Google Calendars
  • Computerized vaccination record synced with the system
  • Municipal reports – including sending reports in all existing formats
  • Laboratory tests module – including comparative display
  • Sale of items using barcodes

Ability for Independent Management

  • Sophisticated and flexible appointments diary
  • Production of labels, letters, postcards and emails
  • Production of referrals to laboratory tests
  • Production of insurance claims


  • Intelligent, flexible report generator
  • Smart mailing system – sends SMSs (Text-Messages) and emails quickly and efficiently
  • Production of letters using an advanced editor, with no need for MS Word®


Sophisticated accounts system including modules for incorporated companies

Document and Image Archive

Advanced image archive that enables uploading of X-rays, scans and video-clips to patient medical files


  • Support for all types of networks: synchronization of diaries, customers and telephone books with hand-held devices
  • Ability to transfer data from previous software
  • Interface with Israel Post – automatic postal code retrieval

Compatibility and Linkage

  • Online link to the EasyCard system for credit card clearing
  • Synchronization of diaries with mobile phones and Gmail
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