Rapid Med

A program tailored to professionals in the real world. The most advanced program for the management of dental clinics has advanced, now releasing the latest new and improved version 4.0! This latest release carries all the winning features of previous versions and stays faithful to the premise behind the Rapid med solution – that a program should reflect the needs of real people and not just program users .

Features of Rapid med Business Intelligence

Rapid med includes intelligent tools to analyze how the clinic is running and how decisions are made. Version 4.0 introduces, for the first time, a wizard for quick execution of work advancement, a follow-up of reviews and a statistical cross-section, all at the click of a button.In addition, the program includes all the necessary tools for the optimal and efficient management of your clinic:

Marketing tools

  • Automatic reminders
  • Flexible, state-of-the-art report generation
  • Assignment management
  • Follow-up after in-house referrals and outside referrals
  • Follow-up after laboratory referrals
  • Follow-up after material usage
  • Management of a client club through magnetic cards
  • Employee attendance log management

Flexible Appointment Calendar

  • Unlimited number of appointment schedules that can be programmed to be viewed simultaneously
  • Management of the waiting room (up-to-date presentation of the waiting list)
  • Drag and drop capability for moving appointments freely between times, doctors and rooms
  • Recurrence – gives complete control over frequency and the number of appointments
  • Complete control over presentation colors, including pre-prepared color forms compatible with Outlook
  • Waiting Room Management – passing a magnetic card that informs the doctor that a client has arrived
  • Floating schedule – the capability to watch the appointment schedule simultaneously with any other window of the program
  • Automated reminders by means of SMS, electronic mail or a PC Phone system
  • Synchronization of the appointment schedule with PDA or mobile phone

Medical File/Treatment Plans

  • A medical file intended for dentistry
  • Work according to the cross method and the graphic method
  • An unlimited number of treatment plans for the client
  • Archive pictures as an integral part of the file
  • Prepared medical forms for the fields: Orthodonticso Endodonticso Oral Rehabilitationo Implant Surgery Follow-upso Bleachingo Periodontics


The accounting system advanced features include:

  • An unlimited number of issuing doctors
  • Exporting data to both the WizSoft DOS and Windows format capabilities
  • Management of funds and deposits
  • Varied accounting reporting forms
  • Monthly report forms to the tax authorities
  • Management of cash flow
  • Reports of payments due
  • Management of clinic expenses
  • A connection to the EasyCard system for credit card clearance

Photographs and documents archive

At Rapid Image we understand that forms and photographs are an integral part of the work of a doctor. Therefore, we give you the capability of scanning, photographing or combining documents directly into the client’s file. The program includes advanced tools for processing a picture, including enlargement and measurement of distance. At a push of a button the program creates presentations in PowerPoint from archival photographs, even allowing audio recording to be presented together with the photographs. The archive lets you file the photographs according to key words, the area and the date of the photograph, enabling a cross-section of this data for research or marketing purposes.

Compatibility and Linkage

The program is compatible with all the versions of the windows system and supports networking in all existing configurations (Peer-to-Peer or Windows 2000/3 server) Moreover, the program enables work with a terminal server configuration, which permits work to take place remotely and at the lowest cost. When you are away from the clinic you can still access all your information simply by synchronizing the program’s data with your PDA (Palm or PocketPC) or your mobile phone. You can even stay in touch with the clinic this way.

Touch-screen Support

Rapid med has pioneered the use of touch-screens for medical programs. Just some of the vast range of activities that can be performed by touch include:

  • Choosing a client
  • Listing an appointment
  • Making notes in the client’s file
  • Use of treatment program
  • Issuing a receipt


  • The EasyCard system for credit card clearance
  • The Microsoft Office package for 2000/XP/2003/2007
  • Open Office
  • Digital Cameras
  • Twain compatible scanner
  • Digital sensors – with all sensors marketed in Israel
  • Dental Master simulation system from Miracle Software
  • WizSoft DOS and Windows format
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