Rapid Lab

Israel’s Most Advanced Software for Comprehensive Dental Laboratory Management

Unique Dental Laboratory Management Software Features

Superior Technology

The first truly comprehensive dental management system to combine:

  • End-to-end file management
  • Dentist and clinic liaison
  • Comprehensive accounting system
  • Text messaging for current and prospective clients

Flexible Appointment Calendar

An advanced appointment calendar offers both staff and clients a streamlined scheduling experience.
Sophisticated Self-management Capabilities

  • Efficient management of case files
  • Added detail, including links to images from a file, scanner or digital camera
  • Broad support for sub-case files
  • Real-time indicator of the laboratory’s commitments
  • Sending and receiving photographs by email
  • State-of-the-art reporting system per patient – monitoring case status and imaging results
  • Sticker, letter, postcard and email generation


  • Advanced accounting system managing dentist, clinic or patient billing
  • Optimal management and tracking of multiple pricelists


  • Fully supports users on the computer network
  • Seamless appointment calendar synchronization and phone book with handheld devices

Compatibility and Connectivity

  • Full support of barcode scanners
  • Full connectivity with Microsoft Office
  • Integration with the EasyCard system for credit card clearing
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