Rapid Sync

Appointment Scheduling Software – From anywhere, at any time, from any computer and from almost any cellular telephone.

How many times have you found yourself having a conversation with a client and trying to remember when you are free? Do you have to connect to the clinic from wherever you are or call your secretary on the phone in order to set up an appointment? Never again!

Appointment Scheduling Software from Rapid Image is now accessible from any place and at any time.

Our Appointment Scheduling Software knows how to:

  • Sync data with Google Calendar
  • Sync clients and phonebook from the system to your cellphone, as contacts
  • Sync clients and phonebook from the system as contacts in Gmail!
  • Bi-directional appointment sync to your cellphone and/or Google Calendar: Did you make an appointment on Rapid Sync? It will appear immediately on your cellphone!
  • Did you make an appointment on your cellphone? It will appear immediately on Rapid Sync!
  • Did you move an appointment?
  • Cancel an appointment?

The data is updated immediately!

Technological Superiority

It doesn’t matter which version you are using or how you manage your diary and your appointments system – now you have the ability to synchronize them in real-time with the free Google Calendar. From there you can sync your diary with cellphones that support this option.

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