Backup Services

Join our remote site backup service and sleep easy!

As part of the service, we install a special program on the computer, which automatically performs daily backups of all data, including x-rays, to a secure remote internet site. No need to remember to backup, or change the disc and wait-out the burning process, or even send the data home by email. You can leave work secure in the knowledge that all your data is backed up, encrypted and saved to another physical site.

The remote site backup service proves cost effective in removing media wear and tear or the need to purchase hardware and software for backup implementation. As opposed to standard backup procedures, which overrun the previous day’s backup, the service allows “snapshots” to be recreated that are several days old.

In the event of fire, break-in, flood, computer fault or human error, data can be recovered and reconstructed immediately, avoiding business interference or downtime. Now on sale, starting from only ILS 55 per month (not including VAT) for a 5 Giga backup: Your must-have to secure a smoothly functioning clinic!

For further information, please contact the sales department today – phone: 073-2615615

Backup Service Added Value

Superior Technology

Automatic backup in encrypted form provides a wealth of benefits:

  1. Preserving your latest data while removing the need for human intervention with automatic daily backup on the Rapid software
  2. Protecting data from any eventuality: Computer based disasters, data loss due to theft, electrical short circuit, fire, flood and human error.
  3. Avoiding the need to purchase designated hardware for backups
  4. Be doubly-secure with encrypted backup to two different server farms
  5. Gain seven saved versions of every file
  6. Saving deleted information (for up to 90 days) for reconstructing purposes
  7. Comprehensive customer service including monitoring and proactive treatment of backup problems
  8. Daily email reports including last backup date, backup volume and backup status
  9. Version updates during the service period
  10. The option to restore information at any given time
  11. Allowing any additional information from the clinic/business computers to be included in the backup. Implemented automatically, backup data is saved in encrypted form with the password provided only to the business owners.

Self-management Capability

You can choose to supplement the software’s database; independently selecting further files for backup including any type of personal and business information.

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